Adding a new company user - Meet Genie
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Adding a new company user

As long as you have the correct permissions you can add colleagues to your company profile on Genie.

Once you have added them, they’ll receive their own login details via email (just like you did).

They will have access to the company’s Talent network list and (depending on the permission you give them) they can either:

– Set new briefs (Quick set new brief (excluding IR35))
– Review responses to briefs (Review talent responses to briefs)
– Send interview requests (Sending an interview request)
– Send booking requests (Sending a booking request)
– Set briefs, view responses to briefs, send interview & booking requests
– Add and update notes to talent in your talent network
– Block talent from your talent network
– Invite talent to your talent network
– Add new users
– All of the above

To add a new user, simply go to your Company Profile tab > User management > scroll to the bottom > Add new user.

PLS NOTE: You may / can review and edit the User Role after you have added the user.