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I don’t get matched very often – why is that?

It could be because, like Liam Neeson, you have a very particular set of skills, skills acquired over a very long career, skills that make you a nightmare for people like us.

Obviously, we’re only kidding…. well, at least in part we are.  Genie uses you skills (or superpowers), along with all of the information you give us to ascertain whether or not a particular client brief may be right for you.  We look at, currently, over 150 data points both in isolation and combined with each other, all weighted in different ways, to figure out if you’re right for the gig.  If you happen to be one of those unique individuals that specialise in a certain area then we may not always have the volume of work from our clients that you would like.  Rest assured though we continually check how often our talent get matched and if we spot that incoming briefs are light in certain areas or that we’re not serving up the best work to all our talent then the team at Genie towers goes out to find the clients.

We want to be able to offer you, the best talent, the best briefs.

You can always go back into your profile to edit your skills and information if you think it might be a little out date.  Keep it fresh and we’ll do our best to keep the briefs flowing.